Boost your email engagement by 50%

Our No-Code solution increases your email reputation and authority by establishing and maintaining correct email domain authentication.

Are your open rates missing the mark?

50% of emails end up in spam because of an incorrect or missing configuration.

Good content is only part of the solution to improving your deliverability. Correct domain settings are mission-critical.

Almost 50% of email traffic is spam. GURU Deliver best practices raise your game by establishing your domain authority: proven, tested, expert results.

How it works

Link Your Domain

You add some records to your domain's DNS which diverts some settings to us. This intiates the no-code updates.

Add Your Sending Platforms

You tell us all your outbound email sending platforms and we convert these to the right email authentication records for you.

Boosted Engagement

We crunch the data and adjust your records so your emails start to hit the inbox and your engagement rockets.

Email Superpowers For Recruiters

Easily validate your email domain's authority without the need for repeat tech support.

Track your deliverability rate so you know the best time to hit send on your email campaign.

No need to make complicated technical DNS record entries or involve IT staff for updates.

Increase your chances of landing in inboxes by 10x with a perfect domain reputation.

GURU customers have achieved 50% increases in open rates over previous campaigns.

From DIY to "Done For You", we have GURU plans for any budget: solopreneur to enterprise.


GURU-protect your domain's SPF, DKIM & DMARC records which are all required for perfect deliverability.

All your email settings in one dashboard

Reports, additions, edits and new provider setup without tech support or risk to your domain's DNS settings.


Easily link your domain to receive No-Code updates

Add new platforms and providers with just 3 simple clicks

Fully-hosted, automatic updates of your domain records

Understand your outbound email deliverability reports

We process your DMARC reports automatically so you always have an up-to-date overview of your outbound email deliverability.

“I first got in contact with Nick because I wasn’t quite convinced I had set my domain up correctly, I am not very good with IT configuration.
We are now fully optimised and I have seen an increase of 50% in open rates.”

Stuart Higgins

Higgins Talent Sourcing 

“I have loved the experience so far, Nick has provided a true concierge experience and helped walk us through all the best practices.
Without his consultative approach this type of activity would have been difficult to properly manage.”

Justin Tinkle

Avail Recovery 

“We needed help making sure our emails were delivered to clients. We got reports that some candidate notifications were going to spam. It was a very smooth journey, Nick explained why we might be going to spam. I think its a worthwhile partnership for anyone!”

Adam Chambers

Applichat Healthcare

Credibility Bonus: block phishing and impersonators

Establishing your domain's reputation and authority stops others from misusing your domain name.

A gathering of email nerds changing the world!

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